5 Keys to Generating Quality Custom Quotes

The days of hand-writing custom quotes for home insurance have come to a close. In their place are advanced technical tools that do the work for you. A comparative rater, for instance, provides fast and accurate quotes to increase your agency’s profitability. Fast and accurate are two crucial components of any quote, whether the customer is standing in front of you, using your website, or waiting on the phone.

5 Keys to Generating Quality Custom Quotes

1. Streamlined Software

Many agents continue to use rating software that downloads directly to their computers. Because it’s older, this software tends to be cumbersome, slow, and susceptible to data breaches. This last point is one that few agents consider; many believe that because their agency is relatively small, hackers won’t notice them. But this thought pattern only invites sophisticated, cunning hackers.

The solution is a system that relies on cloud containers rather than traditional server-based architecture. Customer quotes are delivered without the glitches and hassles of outdated software, and they’re significantly safer from data breaches.

2. A Mobile Workspace

Let’s return to the notion of downloaded software. This means you can only quote customers when you’re in the office, forcing you to make a difficult decision: either work longer hours to meet the needs of clients or forget about scaling your business.

A cloud-based system, on the other hand, allows you to continue quoting customers anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can efficiently work from your home office, vacation home, or other remote location without hindering your lifestyle – and without sacrificing fast quotes to clients who need them.

3. Accuracy

Quoting can be a time-consuming process without the right tools. You need to know the underwriting guidelines of multiple carriers and then determine the client’s eligibility with each.

A comparative rater already contains property appraiser data as well as the underwriting guidelines of all supported carrier partners. You no longer have to locate this information yourself. And based on the client’s exposures, the platform will determine a client’s eligibility with each partner for you. This can improve your quoting accuracy and return much-needed time to your workday.

4. Efficient Turn-Around

Years ago, consumers understood that a quote wouldn’t be provided instantly. They called their insurance agent, asked for a quote, and waited patiently for a callback.

Today, however, expectations have changed. Customers demand much faster processing – meaning you need a system where you no longer enter customer data multiple times. A comparative rater allows you to input information just once. This provides more rapid results for customers and also reduces the opportunity for data entry errors.

5. A Tool to Evaluate Alternate Home Insurance Carriers

In a market with many available carriers, it’s nearly impossible for an agent to single-handedly evaluate them all. A comparative rater provides insight into your markets and allows you to see the carrier with the lowest-cost insurance for your client. You can then give this information to the customer so they can align their needs with the appropriate insurance plan.

We’re living in the digital age, and for your agency to remain competitive in a tight marketplace, now is the time to embrace technology. A comparative rater can simplify the quoting process and ensure customer needs are met every step of the way. Learn more about our platform and how it can work for you by contacting R8write today.

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