Citizens Informational with Carl Rockman

From coming rate changes to property inspections; Carl Rockman will explain the ins and outs of Citizens for 2021 and beyond. 

Video timeline: 

7:20 – Why is Citizens inspecting homes again?
9:04 – Post bind process
9:21- Underwriting
10:59 – How detailed are the home inspections
17:34 – How agents can help with communication
20:00 – How inspection deficiencies are handled.
24:54 – Future plans to depopulate
25:29 – Rate adjustments
30:49 – Citizens assessment explained
36:00 – Citizens managed repair
40:37 – Handling underwriting deficiencies
41:28 – Citizens underwriting appetite

The next show’s topic will be flood 2.0 with guest speakers from two flood carriers.


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